ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 7. novembris

Personālizstāde"Meditācija"/ Solo Exhibition "Meditation". Jaunjelgava. 6.11.- 6.12. 2013.

Jaunjelgava's Recreation center, Jaunjelgava, Latvia.
There is possible to see self-portrait ( canvas, oil)  and 13 artworks ( canvas, acrilic)  painted in 2013.  7 of them are meditations about chakras - new experieance for me. And 6 artworks means something like vision with hidden meaning. But if You will look on this paintings and say ..., - oh, I see only nice flowers... it's OK . It's great too.:)
Opening hours - working days 10.00 -14.00

 I will help You create Your own meditation - mandala 6.12. 17.00

 Admission free.
Izstādē redzamās gleznas uzlūkojamas ne tikai kā mākslas darbi. Tas ir  veids, lai pietuvotos apslēptajam.

Mākslas-meditācijas darbnīca Jaunjelgavas Kultūras namā.