piektdiena, 2018. gada 23. marts

Glezna. Akts./ Painting. Nude.

"Fly". ( Canvas/oil, 80X90) 2012.


Cycle "The Sky & The Sea"

Cycle "Dance of Sirens"

"Dance of Sirens I. Orpheus. The Grapes" (Canvas/acrylic, 50X70) 2018.

"Dance of Sirens II. Alexander. The Oranges" (Canvas/acrylic, 50X70) 2018.

"Dance of Sirens III. August. The Pomegranates." (Canvas/acrylic, 50X70) 2018.

"Arcadia".(Canvas/oil,60X90) 2018.


From cycle "Alessandro Garden"

"Venus I".( Paper/mixed technique, 43X32) 2007. In private collection. 

Venus II. ( Paper/mixed technique, 43X32) 2014.